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Valery Lukka. Frau mit Buch, 1989
Öl auf Leinwand 60x50

Valery Lukka. Sonnenblumen, 1996
Mischtechnik auf Leinwand, 100 x 80 cm

Valery Lukka. Auf dem Schlossplatz
Mischtechnik auf Leinwand, 100 x 80 cm

  Valery Lukka (born in 1945, Yaroslavl region) graduated from the I.E. Repin Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in 1977. He is a member of the Union of Artists Russia since 1983. Since 1993 he is a member of Union of Artists of Italy (ITALART). Since 1996 - a member of Academy of Modern Art, Russia. In the late 1970s he co-founded a group of artists who have developed a concept of "brutal", textured painting, using rough gesso, textile, glass, metal, plastic and other city waste, as well as the traditional oil and tempera. In this mixed media, they seek to express the life history in the dynamics of birth, growth, decay and death. On the period from 1978 till today his works were exhibited in more than 200 international exhibitions and auctions.

Since 1970 he exhibited regularly in Russia and abroad.

1989 - "Christie's", London, Great Britain;
1990 - "Nelleman Thomsen", Aarhus, Denmark;
1990 - Drouot Richelieu, Paris, France
1990 - "M. Bernaert", Mechelen, Belgium;
1990 - "Mariott Hotel", Warsaw, Poland;
1992 - "Gioffredo" Gallery, Nice, France

Russian and foreign collections:
The State Russian Museum, St Petersburg, Russia;
The State Museum of Theatrical Art, St Petersburg, Russia;
The State Museum of History, St Petersburg, Russia;
Alexander Pushkin Museum and Memorial Apartment, St Petersburg, Russia;
Diaghilev Cultural Centre, St Petersburg, Russia;
Anna Akhmatova Museum at Fountain House (Fontanny Dom), St Petersburg Russia;
The Museum of Non-Conformist Art, St Petersburg, Russia;
Manege Central Exhibition Hall , St Petersburg, Russia;
The Cultural Foundation of Russia, Moscow, Russia;
The Museum of Fine Arts of Republic Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Russia;
The Far East Art Museum, Khabarovsk, Russia;
The State Picture Gallery, Tver, Russia;
Novosibirsk Picture Gallery, Novosibirsk, Russia;
The State Picture Gallery, Perm, Russia;
The Museum of the Russian art, Kiev, the Ukraine;
The Museum of Arts, Narva, Estonia;
Zimmerly Museum New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA ;
The State Gallery of Arts, Moendal, Norway;
Private collections in Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Finland.

He lives and works in Saint Petersburg.

"Valery Lukka came into art with works that embodied the illusory world of the Petersburg townscape. It was already evident that these canvasses were subject rather to the influence of form, dramatic and helpless as it was, than to themes of never-ending city romance. The lyrical and tragic romanticism of Lukka is determined by the depth of the author's experience and compassion, which is the generic feature of the Russian home culture. Each work - whether it has an intricately developed subject or is compressed, including works with plastic subjects-has its pictorial production and drama."

Anatoly Dmitrienko
Leading researcher at the State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg

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