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Alexander Ivanov (1950 - 1996)
Born in St.-Petersburg, Russia.


"Figure skater", 1993
linoleum cut / watercolour on paper

Runaways, 1992
linoleum cut / watercolour on paper

Moon Kiss, 1995
linoleum cut / watercolour on paper

Artist, 1984
linoleum cut / watercolour on paper

White mask, 1995
linoleum cut / watercolour on paper

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  At age 16, A. Ivanov began studies at the Leningrad Art and Graphic School where he received a classical training. It was his new found love of 60s jazz music and the influences of Chagall that began to be reflected in his work and cause problems with tutors and officials.

Given the social and political climate of Russia at the time, Formalism and individualism would not be tolerated. Unable to live with the repression of individual expression, A. Ivanov left the art school in 1972 and decided to search for freedom by joining a geological expedition to the North of Russia. There he became absorbed with the traditions and folk art of the region. He adopted forms of Russian icons into his work and a traditional woodwork technique which can be seen in his work ever since.

He turned back to St. Petersburg in 1977. Although he exhibited in small exhibitions throughout the early 70's, his first one man show in 1977 opened and closed the same day, victim of official repression. It was about this time in Leningrad that artists were beginning to organize clandestine exhibitions of their works in private apartments.

In the late 1980's several Moscow firms published illustrations and calendars of Ivanov's images and his work was discovered by the German government, who invited him to take part in a Russian-German symposium. From there he was invited to exhibit in Holland and England. His work was then discovered by galleries in America and Japan and is now widely exhibited throughout the world. He participated in over 30 exhibitions both in Russia and abroad.

Since 1992 permanently worked in England, designed the front cover of Sunday issues of “Times” Magazine. He worked as a designer on the Theatre festival in Edinburgh. The artist’s works are in museums, corporate and private collections in many countries of Europe, including Princess Diana’s private collection.

In 1996, Alexader Ivanov perished in a studio fire and a prime example of a spirit that knew no bounds was extinguished.

Main exhibitions:

Central Exhibition Hall. St. Petersburg, Russia.

All-Union Exhibition, Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia.
The House of Journalists. St. Petersburg, Russia.
“From Unofficial art to Perestroika”. St. Petersburg.
“International Image”. Pennsylvania, USA.
Art Directors Club. New York, USA.
Heinkel Gallery. Symposium of Russian-German Artists. Dusseldorf, Germany.

Biennial of Design. Brno, Czechoslovakia.
All-Union Exhibition. Central Exhibition Hall. Moscow, Russia.
Merz Contemporary Art. London, England.

Biennial of Design. Brno, Czechoslovakia.
Liverpool University. Liverpool, England.
Bluecoat Gallery. Liverpool, England.
“Russian Spring in Mall”. Mall Galleries. London, England.
“Roy Miles Galley”. London, England.
“Phillips Fine Art Auctioneers”. London, England.

Alberti Gallery. London, England.
“CCA Galleries”. Cambridge, England.

The House of Journalists. St.-Petersburg, Russia.
“Roy Miles Gallery”. London, England.

Since 1991 lived and worked in England in co-operation with Alberti Gallery.