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"... I change, what comes back from my memories... I rebuild the cities that I've seen. I change houses I lived in. I help my memory to document a new journey."

Tonino Guerra

"A Journey to a wonderful world of Tonino Guerra"

A special Event "A journey to a wonderful world of Tonino Guerra" is dedicated to 95-anniversary of Maestro Tonino Guerra. It celebrates the life of the Italian poet, novelist, screenwriter, painter and sculptor, whose name is engrained in the history of world cinema. Tonino Guerra translated his lambent poetic world into the scripts for the big screen.

We present in our non-commercial event series of episodes from documentaries about great master; our special guest Lora Guerra will share with us his world of poetry and prose.

Tonino Guerra (1920-2012) worked with many of the greats of world cinema, including Federico Fellini, Michelangelo Antonioni, Vittorio De Sica, Bernardo Bertolucci, the Taviani brothers, Theodoros Angelopoulos, Andrei Tarkovsky and Wim Wenders.

He worked on over 100 scripts, including masterpieces such as "L'Avventura" (1960) and "Blowup" (1966) by Michelangelo Antonioni; "Casanova 70" (1965) by Mario Monicelli, "Amarcord" (1973) and "And the Ship Sails On" (1983) by Federico Fellini, "Nostalghia" (1983) by Andrei Tarkovsky.

Three of his film scripts won Oscars – "Casanova 70", "Blowup" and "Amarcord". He also won the main prize at the Cannes Film Festival and prize the "David di Donatello" – the highest aware of the Italian Film Academy (Accademia del Cinema Italiano). He was an honorary member of the leading international Academies. For his contribution to literature, he was awarded "Gogol-2010" in Italy, as well as Jean Renoir Award of the Writers Guild of America, West.

His signature full of poetry and colour is recognizable in many of the masterpieces of the big screen.

A non-profit screening of series episodes from documentaries, slideshow images done in Pennabilli and Santarcangelo di Romagna during our trip to Italy, poetry of Tonino Guerra and post-screening discussion with Tonino’s wife and Muse Lora Guerra will demonstrate how and with whom Tonino Guerra worked in different creative periods and facets of the life.

In addition we present a book of Roland Günter "Poetic places" and poetry of Tonino Guerra from the book "Scheuer Vogel Traum" created and translated by Elsbeth Gut Bozzetti (published by Klöpfer & Meyer).

Special Event

"A Journey to a wonderful world of Tonino Guerra"
Date: 16 April 2015     Time: 19:00 o'clock
Where: Istituto Italiano di Cultura Berlino

"Kunst & Reisen Fortak" would like to thank the Tonino Guerra Cultural Association for providing organizer with all materials and films, including permission and copy rights for screening during Special Event.

Copyright images: Nel mondo di Tonino Guerra srl, Galerie J&L Fortak

This event will take place with support of Istituto Italiano di Cultura Berlino

Admission: free, with registration only.

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